Legendary 3-Gen Team Ah Gong Ah

We cast the spotlight on a team that comprises of Run for Beer 2017’s most senior participant. At 83-years-young, Mr Chang Gee Wa will be taking part in the event together with his children as well as grand-kids! The three-generation team, collectively known as Team Ah Gong Ah will be made up of 10 family members in total.

Mr Chang’s daughter, Elecia, shares a bit more about the story behind this legendary bunch.

Q: Is your team made up of family members?
A: Yes. In fact, this a 3 gen pack made up of Ah Gong Ah Team 1 and Ah Gong Ah Team 2!

Q: What made you guys sign up for Run for Beer as a 3-Gen family?
A: It started with Star Wars Run and Puma Night Run, which we participated as a family. Our dad/grandpa took interest and liked the idea of having a share of experience for himself too. Furthermore, we always arrange a post-run “family outing”, for example going for supper at a pub or Prata House. So here we are, Team Ah Gong Ah, with our dad’s/grandpa’s first run. We will have a cheer team ready, waiting for him at the finishing line! ❤

Q: Do you all drink beer together, and if so, what’s the favourite beer of the family?
A: Basically, we meet almost every Saturday evening for dinner and some wine/beer/ciders. As a group, we are not particular with beer selection but Gen 2 prefers red wine and German beer 😊

Q: Please tell us more about our 83-year-old legend. Do you meet up often to go for runs or other activities?
A: Our dad/grandpa is a happy-go-lucky person who enjoys meeting people and trying new things. Other than his regular time-filler activities, mahjong sessions and travels, he loves going for his morning walks, especially on Sundays. He doesn’t jio us because he knows we sleep in late. Hahaha!

So there you have it. For those who regularly hide behind the convenience of having “no time” or having “nothing to do” with the family, you might want to consider taking a page off Team Ah Gong Ah’s books. If you see Mr Chang on race day, perhaps you can even grab a pic with this legend!