All-Girls Team Fullstop

Q: What is the full name of your team?
A: Fullstop – because we are grammar Nazis full of ourselves and nothing can stop us 😂. Plus, full stops are a prevalent part of our jobs too.

Q: Tell us more about Fullstop.
A: We are a group of 4 unique individuals who came together during our university years. It has been about 8 years since we formed a bond whilst cramming our brains together for our assignments. Now, we have graduated to becoming friends with an even stronger bond despite our different walks of life.

Q: Do you meet up often and what activities to you do when you gather?
A: We meet up every now and then to catch up on life and relieve stress with leisure activities such as cafe-hopping and savouring good food. Also, we do indulge in an occasional game of Kinect or LAN gaming, etc. Once in a blue moon, we enjoy the occasional beer while playing mahjong at the same time.

Q: Tell us about yourselves and what your roles are in the group (if any).
A: There’s no specific role for anyone in this group actually. But perhaps each of us brings the rest together from a different aspect. We are in our (very) early thirties, and we are full-time grammar Nazis. One of us is married; some have fur kids, while others are relishing the solo life as of now. If we could correct everything in our way, we would definitely paint the town red, quite literally.

Q: What is your favourite beer? Do you run/enjoy running?
A: If we are meant to pick one which all of us like, that’s impossible! Having said that, we mostly incline towards the fruity and wheat varieties, but are game to try other flavours! 💪🏼
We do have occasional runs here and there, albeit not together. I would say, most of us in the group enjoy running, but if given the choice, beer trumps running.😅

Q: Why did your group decide to take part in Run for Beer 2017?
A: We aren’t all fans of running events but when we saw this poster, we knew it was a done deal. After all, it’s a first for us as a group! Cheers! (Pun fully intended)