Largest Team of 30 pax

Q: Tell us more about yourself, the team and how was it founded?
A: This group came about as a Facebook page four years ago. It was formed by a group of ex army camp mates and the purpose was to link up as many of the guys as possible. Most of the guys are married and have kids. As for myself, I’m 41 and married with 3 kids. The group has been continuously growing and running sessions are also held regularly.

Q: Do you meet up often and what activities to you do when you gather?
A: We organise weekly runs and exercise sessions for anyone in the group who want to get back in shape, keep fit or just want a good workout. We have a small running group formed for about 2 years now, where we run distances between 5km to 12km on weekends at different places to keep things interesting. This also offers different levels of difficulty. At any time, runners are free to turn around and meet back at the start point for breakfast. Some in the group cycle as well.

Q: What is your favourite beer and do you enjoy running?
A: No favourite, but I like Kilkenny. I enjoy running, not too long a distance though. 8 to 10km is comfortable; 21km is considered torturous for me!

Q: Why did your group decide to take part in Run for Beer 2017?
A: Our 30-strong team thought it would be a great opportunity to gather together and do a run. The distance of 3.2km is not too long, especially for folks who have not been exercising, and this may encourage them to start running again and hopefully, they will join our running group.

Q: What are you looking forward to at the event?
A: Meeting old friends to talk cock during the run and after over a beer or two, reminiscing old times when we were still young and fit soldiers!

Special thanks to FHAG team member Mr Roy Ang.